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About Us

Who We Are

CUSHIONAIRE® is a lifestyle shoe brand which is designed and owned by New York-based fashion footwear company Next Step Group. NSG was founded in 1998 by Selim Dushey, a veteran in the shoe industry. Throughout the years, NSG has led the fashion world with groundbreaking styles across several different lifestyle brands.

CUSHIONAIRE® is the collection for those who want a modern fashion look, without giving up comfort. The CUSHIONAIRE® customer is an active woman by day, and wants a stylish shoe to go straight from day to night. She may go to a museum or boating on the weekend and needs footwear that keeps up with her hectic pace.

CUSHIONAIRE® caters to women looking for a fashion forward, cost-friendly, comfortable shoe. We offer shoes in many different categories, including sandals, sneakers, wedges, and dress shoes.

CUSHIONAIRE® first broke into the fashion scene in retail department stores, with multiple best-selling styles loved by customers everywhere. After providing service to over one million happy customers through brick and mortar stores, we decided to open up our own site in November 2020, so that customers can enjoy exclusive finds and top-notch customer service directly from the source.

CUSHIONAIRE® Mission & Core Values

CUSHIONAIRE® is dedicated to providing women of all ages with fashionable shoes and sandals that are designed for maximum comfort and built to last. We believe fashion doesn't have to hurt - your feet or your wallet.

The CUSHIONAIRE® team initiative maintains the core values of: success, social responsibility and sustainability. It fosters a set of values, guiding principles and a culture that promotes respect, integrity, transparency, empowerment and collaboration for customers, employees, retail owners and those who manufacture our products.